Man says coyote chased his son

Posted at 6:12 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-16 19:12:50-04

"I haven't ever seen one come up to a person, they always run away, so that made us wonder if it had rabies."

Jeffrey Hildenbrandt says it's not uncommon to see a coyote in this neighborhood, but having a coyote chase you is.

"He heard something and he wanted to see what it was, he took another step and it came out of the trees."

Hildenbrant says the animal then started growling and coming towards his son.

"So he ran from here to the front of the house to get away from him, and he was pounding away on the front door for us to let him in.”

“He said it followed him all the way to the front of the house."

The Nebraska Humane Society says typically coyotes try to avoid people, but as the city expands there's less livable space for the animal.

"They have fewer and fewer places that are natural and wild anymore, so we are going to be seeing them mix with urban population more and more."

Pam Weise with NHS  says if you do come in contact with one don’t bother it.

"If you leave them alone, they really don’t want to have interaction with people."

Hildenbrant says since the coyote went after his son he wonders if it had rabies, or if the coyotes are becoming more territorial.


"I'm not scared, I'm just aware, just cautious, I think the biggest thing is to just be cautious."