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Man sentenced in connection to Camisha Hollis' disappearance, mother says justice is served

Martha Hollis says Thursday is Camisha Justice Day
Posted at 6:13 AM, Apr 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-29 07:13:24-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Four years ago, Camisha Hollis went missing. In March, 40-year-old Marvin Young pleaded no contest to charges of manslaughter, child abuse, and tampering with physical evidence.

Thursday, Young was sentenced to 23 to 31 years in prison in connection to the presumed death of Hollis, according to our news partners the Omaha World-Herald.

Camisha Hollis' mother, Martha Hollis, says she can finally let out a sigh of relief, calling Thursday "Camisha Justice Day."

"Today at court I was ready for this relief because it’s been going on for four years so and that’s why I said today is Camisha justice day. To me it didn’t matter how much time he received I knew she was going to receive her justice today," Hollis said. "I’ve heard some people say he should’ve got more time but the time doesn’t really mean, the way I look at time, it doesn’t bring her back because what’s done is done and I just figured today I've waited four years."

Hollis says Young has no remorse for his actions, saying the past four years have been nothing but lies from him.

"He’s not speaking up and so that's why I say he has no remorse. A person who has remorse would at least feel guilty and maybe tell, if they didn’t tell what they’ve done at least tell where the person is located," Hollis said.

Despite her feelings that Young has no remorse, she's forgiven him.

"I still forgave him because forgiving him is really for me so he wouldn’t have control over me or the grandchildren, so it’s the same. I don’t have hatred for him I wish him the best," Hollis said.

She said the past four years have been really hard, especially for Camisha's three daughters. Martha hopes her granddaughters remember Camisha as the wonderful mother she was.

"[I hope they remember] that they had a loving mother. She was great, she did anything for them. She worked hard, sometimes two jobs to make ends meet. She loved her children, that's all she’d talk about her 3 girls and she was a great mom," Hollis said.

Martha said Camisha will always be with her, because she has her granddaughters who all, in some way, remind her of Camisha.