March Madness bracket: dead or alive?

Posted at 10:04 PM, Mar 23, 2017

We have hit the halfway point of March Madness and your bracket might be holding strong, or you might want to rip it in two and throw it away.

3 News Now asked people how their brackets were holding up and most said some of the upsets hurt their bracket flow.

“I filled out a couple brackets and I had Duke facing North Carolina, and then I had Villanova in another one,” said Jarod Bukoskie.

“I have one, or I had one, it’s not very good anymore. Duke lost and that was the big thing,” added Tanner Hewitt.

Thursday night bars were packed and everyone was hoping the right team got the win.

“I need Gonzaga and my friend here needs the other side, West Virginia,” said Jeff Engle.

“I think I have Michigan wining this game and I need Gonzaga to win because I have them in the final four,” said Hewitt.

Even though some brackets were long gone, the madness doesn’t stop.

“My bracket is toast, but it makes the tournament so fun,” added one hopeful watcher.

3 News Now will have more games on Friday evening starting at 6pm.