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Massage parlor arrest in nearby community shocks residents

Posted at 6:42 PM, Sep 05, 2019

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — A massage parlor in a nearby community shocks residents as police investigate it as a front for sexual acts.

Fremont Police busted up a massage parlor where the masseuse is allegedly performing sex acts for money.

The multi-county investigation has spanned months and ended with authorities searching the place and arresting the owner. 52-year-old Xiao Hu was booked on a felony charge of keeping a prostitution facility.

Gloria McGuire works two doors down at Cabana Nails and noticed a lot of vehicles coming and going which made her suspicious.

The search warrant indicates multiple confidential informants confirmed the sex acts taking place.

"The cars, they would come from all different states like Texas and Iowa and South Dakota and we were wondering how they knew that this was a massage place because she didn't advertise," says McGuire.

Investigators found reviews on a specific private website that discussed which massage spas would perform sexual favors all over the country. Police even put up a camera to watch the Johns using the alleged sex spa. They identified some men with a history of sexual assault.

"It's too bad that, that has to happen downtown here and there's people that walk around and see this so I'm glad it's over with," says McGuire.

Hu's bond was set at $50,000. She would need to provide ten percent of that sum to bail out. She also has an ICE detainer on her and it's unclear when she will appear in court next.