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Massive gingerbread house at Magnolia raises money

Posted at 12:34 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 08:03:22-05

For the fifth year in a row, a massive gingerbread display sits in the front window at the Magnolia Hotel, off 16th and Howard in the Old Market. 

The display has becoming an annual tradition. It also raises donations for the local Ronald McDonald House. 

This year's display is a train around a village. The locomotive, coal car and 11 other rail cars took hotel staff more than 150 hours to create and requires daily touch ups during the holiday season. The display includes a lake, trees, a dock, gingerbread Christmas trees and four cottages. The "MagnoLine" runs on top of a very creative "KitKat" rail system and uses black licorice to power the engine. 

"This is our fifth year creating such an awesome visual piece of art for our hotel, our guests and the community," said Tim Darby, Magnolia Hotel general manager. "The guest feedback has been amazing and we are very excited with the donations that are being made to support the local Ronald McDonald House."

The associates from Magnolia Hotel Omaha, along with all Magnolia properties, provide support to the charity by volunteering time, providing meals as well as offering room packages that provide a percentage back to the charity.

Chef Sarah Perkins designed and created the display. It's her first year doing so and she says she was inspired by her grandson. 

Some ingredients for the Magnolia "MagnoLine Train Co." gingerbread creation include:

- 154 pounds of frosting

- 36 pounds of gingerbread

- 7 pounds of colored sugars

- $200 worth of candy

- 30 pounds of brown sugar

- 154 Kit Kat bars

- 30 dozen eggs

- 210 cups of flour