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Mating season dangerous for drivers

Posted at 5:54 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 18:54:43-05

Deer are on the run!

According to Greg Wagner with Nebraska Game and Parks deer activity is increasing right now because it's mating season.

"This is when we have bucks chasing does and you can see deer in the strangest of places, especially low light and at night,” said Greg Wagner Nebraska Game and Parks.

Deer may cross paths with you in places where you may least expect them.

"Keep an eye out for deer especially where we have rivers and creeks, prominent fences and bisect roadways,” Wagner said.

“Don't rely on a deer crossing sign necessarily," Wagner said.

Wagner says you’re likely to see deer during morning and evening rush hour.

"The big thing is to slow down, no excessive speed hopefully your seatbelt is buckled,” Wagner said.

“ If you see one deer cross the road in front of you expect more to follow, it could be that buck chasing that doe or the fawn trying to keep up with the doe," Wagner said.

Residents in the Chalco Hills area say it’s a problem that’s gone on for years.

"You turn the corner and there are three or four of them standing on the corner like what are you doing," said Mark Zach.

Mark Zach says he's avoided hitting deer for twenty years.

"It’s not unusual to see half a dozen deer walk through the yard every day," said Zach.

If you see one coming have the nerve not to swerve.

"It’s when you swerve you get in trouble, so you see a deer crossing the road, you're going to honk your horn, tap your brakes, maybe put on emergency flasher, but stay in your lane," Zach said.