Matt Damon movie shoot moves to Creighton Prep

Posted at 5:27 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 18:27:31-04
From 48th and Douglas to La Casa pizzeria near Nebraska Medical Center and today Creighton Prep.
Omaha is abuzz as star actor Matt Damon is right in our backyard, working on a movie. Reporter Kelly Bartnick has the latest...
They've cleared out the parking lot here behind Creighton Prep. The extras have moved inside and the set is all ready to go.
The school closed this afternoon, as crew hung signs and prepared in the building for today's shoot. Director Alexander Payne went to school here. This movie has brought people out to watch in several of the neighborhoods. Today is no different. We caught up with some Millard West High School students who have friends cast as extras. "I've talked about it in every single one of my classes today." "We're hoping to see as much as we possibly can, hopefully some footage going on, maybe Matt Damon.  (laughs)"
The shooting process can be a slow one. Producers tell me a day of shooting yields only about 2 minutes of time on the big screen. Creighton Prep is one of two locations filming today. The other is downtown in the Old Market.