Mayoral candidates gear up for general election

Posted at 6:41 PM, Apr 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-05 19:41:37-04

It was a close race for Mayor, incumbent Jean Stothert and challenger Health Mello as about 1,600 votes separated them in the Omaha primary.

About 8,000 votes went to other candidates. The two finalists will now battle for those votes.

Only 19-percent of registered voters came out to the polls both candidates are hoping for a much higher voter turnout for the general election as the race for mayor comes down to the final month.

“Our strategy hasn't changed at all, we're going to continue to knock on doors, going to continue to make phone calls,” said Mello.

“We will continue working hard like we have been,” said Stothert who said she's remaining positive but will fight back if attacked.

"Now in the primary we stayed very positive our message was positive but in the general we will certainly defend ourselves and if there are things being said, that are wrong or inaccurate we will certainly respond,” said Stothert.

Mello says 56-percent of voters did not select Stothert and he hopes to grab some votes from his past challengers.

“I'm going to be reaching out to Taylor Royal and Ean Mikale particularly in the supporters that they've been able to generate in the campaign and ask them and their supporters to join us.

To break down the race, 3 News Now talked with Nebraska News Center's Joe Jordan.

“The fact that it wound up 3-points, I think that surprised a lot of people,” said Jordan.

Jordan says Mello reached the magic number of staying under 5-points, “5-points you can make the case that now he has a legitimate challenge in the general election.”

And as far as where Taylor Royal's over 6,000 votes may go, “I think it's hard to say exactly where his votes go sometimes these third party candidates basically half goes to one half goes to the other but they both are going to be wanting to that vote pretty badly,” said Jordan.


The general election is on May 9th.