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Mayor's office releases weekly pothole repair update

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 18:13:41-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Mayor Jean's Stothert's office has released their weekly pothole repair report. This week's report says the number of reported potholes has gone down and that the number of repaired potholes has gone up since last week.

This week's numbers:

Reported Potholes: 2,233

Potholes Repaired: 6,301

Last week's numbers:



In addition to repairing potholes, they say 144th Street between U and Q Streets has been completely rebuilt and that several resurfacing projects are underway:

Pacific Street: 78th to 84th

Leavenworth: 36th to 45th

36th & Hamilton Area

35th & Gold Area

32nd Avenue: Hascall to Gold

They say these areas were worked on this week and that some repairs are ongoing:

Ames: 60th To 72nd

Babe Gomez: "R" To "Z"

Blondo: 90th To 144th

Davenport: 48th To 50th

Davenport: 117th To 120th

Dewey Avenue: Park Avenue To Turner Blvd

Dodge Street: 28th To 29th (Bridge Joints)

Elkhorn Drive: Main Street To West Maple

Grand Avenue: 48th To 50th

"I" Street: 102nd To 132nd

JJ Pershing Drive: 9th To 16th

"L" Street: 120th To 132nd

Larimore Avenue: 42nd To 48th

"M" Street: 108th To 114th

Martin Avenue: Minne Lusa To 30th

Military Ave: 72nd To 78th

Regency Pkwy: Pacific To Dodge (Including ramps At Dodge)

Rolling Ridge Drive: 156th To 168th

Saddle Creek & Cuming

West Maple Road: 204th To Elkhorn Drive

Westroads Loop

Westwood Lane: Pedersen Drive To 122nd

Wycliffe Drive/Piedmont

36th Street: Mormon To Craig

42nd Street: Grover To 1-80

42nd Street: Harrison To "R"

52nd Street: Ames To Northwest Radial

52nd Street: Beford To Spaulding

60th Street: Ames To Nw Radial

61st Street: Chicago To Underwood

66th Street: Western To Underwood

72nd Street: Crown Point To State

72nd Street: Izard To Farnam

72nd &"J"

80th Street: Hickory To Shirley

84th Street: Martha To Ridgewood

90th Street: Maplewood To Fort

108th Street: Fowler To Fort

120th Street: Franklin To Blondo

120th Street: "L" To Center

132nd Street: Maple To Blondo

154th Street & 152nd Street South Of Wycliffe

156th Street: Blondo To Dodge

156th Street: Summerwood To Stoneybrook

168th Street: Oak To Center