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Mayor's office - Weekly update on pothole repairs in Omaha

Posted at 11:44 AM, Mar 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-29 13:29:22-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The mayor's office says they will be providing a weekly update on pothole repairs in Omaha and has provided a report of their progress so far. They have also named a list of roads that have been prioritized.

In the last ten days, the city says they received 7,407 pothole reports but that some may have been reported multiple times so numbers may be lower.

In regards to how many they've fixed in that same time frame, they say crews have patched about 5,500 potholes based on the amount of asphalt they have used.

22 city crews and 6-10 contractor crews are working daily on pothole repairs the office says.

You can read the full report documents at the following links:

Omaha Pavement Rehabilitation and Cost Chart

Mayor's Office Weekly Pothole Report - 3/29/19

The list of roads that have been prioritized are:

Abbott Drive

Bedford Ave: 30th To John Creighton

Blair High Road

Blondo Street: 67th To 132nd

Burke Blvd: 120th To West Dodge Frontage Road

Center: 42nd To 84th

Dodge Street: 72nd To 78th

Farnam Street: Happy Hollow To Saddle Creek

Fontenelle Blvd: Radial Highway To Ames

Harrison Street: 60th To 72nd

F Street: 132nd To 138th

I Street: 120th To 132nd

L Street: 108th To 132nd

Lake Street: 16th To 30th

Martin Avenue: 30th Street To Belvedere Blvd

Pacific Street: 153rd To Bob Boozer

Pacific Street: Bob Boozer To Applied Parkway

Park Ave: Leavenworth To St Mary's

Storz Expressway

Sorensen Parkway: 30th To 72nd

West Maple Road: 144th To 204th

24th Street: Martha To F

30th Street: Lake To Cuming

36th Street: Leavenworth To Center

40th Street: Leavenworth To Marcy

42nd & Fontenelle

42nd Street: Redman To Newport

45th Street: Leavenworth To Center

60th Street: Laurel To Browne

68th Street: Pacific To Center

72nd Street: Dodge To F

78th Street: Center To Pacific

80th & Frances

84th Street: L To Center

90th Street: Maple To Fort

90th Street: Indian Hills To Pacific

90th Street: Maplewood To Blair High

120th Street: Center To L

132nd & Center Intersection

132nd Street: Pacific To Center

132nd Street: Dodge To Maple

144th Street: Hlllsboro То Corby

144th Street: Марle То Corby

144th Street: Раcific to Center

157th & Pacific

168th Street: Pacific to Center

18оth Street: Shadow Rldge То Frances