Medical Cannabis Act gets new life

A new senator proposes the controversial bill
Posted at 12:22 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 13:24:00-05

There's a renewed push to legalize medical marijuana in Nebraska. Senator Anna Wishart of Lincoln introduced the Medical Cannabis Act on Wednesday, the very last day to introduce bills.

This is the first time the bill has been proposed without Senator Tommy Garrett championing it for years. Garrett was not-re-elected.

"We're grateful that someone else took to baton from Senator Garrett and is willing to stand up and speak for those like Will," said Shelley Gillen.

Gillen and her husband Dominic have been lobbying senators for years trying to get a medical cannabis bill passed-because they say it could help their 14-year-old son Will from having multiple seizures a day. Now they're hoping a new senator will bring in a fresh set of eyes to the bill.

"Hopefully even having someone new to introduce it, they can also bring in a new perspective to it as well," said Gillen.

This controversial bill has stirred up much opposition from most law enforcement agencies, senators and Governor Pete Ricketts, he said in a statement, "legalization of marijuana for any purpose has proven to be a risky proposition because the controls placed on its use in other states have fallen short."

"It's insulting when you hear that they're fearful of it getting into the hands of children or the youth and will's a part of that youth," said Gillen.

The Gillens say they think the majority of Nebraskans favor their position, to legalize cannabis, but they don't have the money to start a ballot measure or take a poll.

"We've had the money donated towards the gambling, we've had the money donated towards the death penalty, where's the money for donating towards those who are sick and suffering," said Gillen.

This proposal is one of the strictest medical cannabis bills in the country. The cannabis would only be in the form of oil or a pill and you have to have a qualifying medical condition such as cancer--epilepsy--among others.

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