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Medics staying ahead of summer sports injuries

Posted at 6:25 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 19:25:10-04

While contact sports can be dangerous, Jennie Ed Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer Rollie Hardies says the summer heat can make matters even worse.

"The things that we are really going to be concerned with in the summer time are going to be heat related illness where someone just has an exertional issue because of the temperature outside," said Rollie Hardies.

Although the summer may be considered an off season Hardies says injuries do happen.

Particularly at sports camps.

"Just like athletes we need to make sure we are prepared to be on our best when it comes time for activities to start happening," said Hardies.

Trainers work with camp coaches to identify common issues.

"Extremity injuries, injuries in the leg, the knee, the ankle and even up in the shoulder area," said Hardies.

They are prepared to deal with some of the more severe injuries.

"Spine injuries are always a big concern of ours, we don't want to take any chances with those type of injuries," said Hardies.

Just like the players, there's no off season for trainers.     

"We even provide coverage over the summer time," said Hardies.

"When the activities are going on we try to be present for as many practices as possible," said Hardies.

Hardies says proper training is the best way to prevent injuries.

"Technique is probably one of the most important things when it comes to football," said Hardies.

"Tackling techniques are of the utmost important," said Hardies.