Memorial Stadium packed for Husker Fan Day

Posted at 10:26 PM, Jul 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-29 23:26:09-04

Fans are expecting a winning season.

They say they are always showing love for the Huskers and today they got that love back.

"Nebraska has the best fans in the country."

"With no fans there's no team"

People waited in line for hours just to meet Nebraska’s favorite team.

"The players here, we treat them like rock stars, it's our number one favorite thing."

Fans say they are excited about this upcoming season and expecting a big year for the team.

 "I hope we win, I really believe we can make it to the big 10."

"I’m looking forward to an eight-nine season."

 Diehard fans came face to face with players.

They even waited in line to get special items signed by Huskers.

"The amounts of fans that try to get in line are a lot, so you really got to battle everybody."

A new video board will help people in the stands see the game even better than before.

“It's an extension to the stadium, so for people who sit high and far back they are able to see the screen from where they are sitting."

People say the player to fan interaction helps to get everyone pumped for a winning season.

"They all got personalities, love talking to them, love seeing the Huskers, I'm a big fan."