Memories remain as CUMC moves to new locations

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 18:26:33-04

A memory wall allows patients, and employees to thank CUMC for the four decades of service as they transition to new buildings.  Much of the clinic work is no longer at the CHI Creighton campus at 30th & California Streets and there’s one week until all services are completely out of the building.

Next Friday, the emergency room services will start at the University Campus facility at 24th & Cuming Streets, and the Trauma Center will begin at Bergan Mercy on 78th and Center St.

A memory wall is still intact at the current CHI Creighton Hospital where people have been writing messages of “thank you.”  Former students, current employees, patients and their families have been remembering how much the building has given them.

Rosemary Moore was a nurse there for almost the entire 40 years at 30th & California Streets.   She also worked at Creighton when it was located at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

“Of course there’s probably a lot of people that wrote on here that I know and a lot of people that I don’t know but we were all family here and we had a lot of pride in our work here taking care of patients and it’s been a wonderful experience,” Moore explained.

The 30th & California Streets campus opened in 1977.

Once the move is made, Bergan Mercy Hospital will be called CHI Creighton University Medical Center.