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Metro Community College class prepares first responders for agriculture disaster

Posted at 7:12 AM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 08:23:27-04

A course at Metro Community College is designed to make emergency responders better prepared for an agriculture disaster.

On Monday, the college demonstrated a grain bit entrapment training. Experts showed the proper techniques in dealing with somebody trapped by corn. 

According to Purdue University, there were 29 agriculture accidents in 2016. Experts say because the training is important because of how dangerous the rescue is. 

"If you get up and you get trapped in that corn, you can't breathe very well," program director Peggy Dean said. "So we need to get to them rapidly and get them out of there. The more you train at it the better you get at getting in there and getting them out." 

In addition to emergency responders, the training course is available quarterly to students and fire departments.