Metro coping with latest snow

Posted at 1:55 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 14:55:10-05
Sleet, freezing rain, and snow all hit the Omaha Metro causing headaches for drivers on the roads.
The Metro received a second helping of snow this morning on top of last night's. And right on cue it happened right as people got ready for their day.
Fresh powdery snow. It's beautiful as it falls. But when it lands, especially on paved concrete, it's a pain. "People just don't know how to drive." That's what morning drivers discovered on East Dodge street as traffic crawled heading into downtown. Blankets of snow stretched from the west side of town by Elkhorn to the east near Florence. A modest inch or two did a number on drivers. Aaron DeWitt said: "I live out west and coming just down, I think I-680 here, it was real slick. I was trying to do the speed limit because there was so many congested traffic. Took me about as twice as long to get here." Laquita Reeves said: "I actually live between a pipe, it's like a half-pipe and a big hill on the other side. I just put it in neutral and just cruised down."
Call it living in Nebraska during winter time. Some beliefs become shared truths like this piece of advice for driving. "Just take your time and you'll be fine."
With every snow storm we receive, unfortunately crashes are bound to happen. Today was no different. At one point area police placed a hold on accident reports unless someone was hurt or the car blocked the road.