Omaha Metro's favorite sled hills

Posted at 3:42 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 16:42:00-05

Snow across the metro accumulated this morning.  Light snow drifts on the road and fat flakes flying made for 1/2 a mile visibility at some points as KMTV's crew drove past Elkhorn on West Dodge Road. 

For Craig Jones of Fremont, the worst part about the wind, was that you got cold faster on the sled hill. "Fremont is as flat as flat can be so they built this especially for sliders on days when it doesn't snow they actually come out here and they spray it down with ice and makes it nice and slick and so the kids can sit out here all winter long," he said.

Callen Miller, another sledder said he hoped for more snow "It usually goes pretty fast you get a lot of speed," he said. From OPS to Fremont, all the major school districts called for snow days Thursday night.

Here are some on KMTV viewers favorite sled hills to check out: 

-Clemmons Park (Fremont) 

-Memorial Park (Omaha) 

-Chalco Hills (Papillion) 

-Eastern Hills Baptist Church (Council Bluffs) 

-Spring Lake Park (Omaha)

-Oak Valley Elementary (Omaha) 

-Hefflinger Park (Omaha) 


-Bellevue East High School (Bellevue)