Millard Public Schools alerts parents to possible "stranger danger"

Posted at 9:05 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 22:05:35-04
Millard Public Schools administrators have sent home letters to parents at two different schools after possible cases of stranger danger. 
According to a letter sent to Bryan Elementary families, students reported that the driver of a black truck approached them Friday as they walked home from school near Walnut Grove Park. The driver asked them to get inside. 
The MPS Communications Director, Rebecca Kleeman, tells KMTV that a student at Millard South reported being approached by a similar truck this morning. A letter was also sent home to Millard South families. 
In both incidents, the parents of the children notified police. 
Bryan Principal, Dr. Brad Sullivan, wrote in the letter to parents, "As we begin this new school year, please take this opportunity to talk with your children about stranger danger. While I know we have shared this before, it’s a conversation that we can’t have often enough."
The letter then offered this advice for parents:
• Students should walk with a buddy. Parents can also ask older students to accompany kids on a walk.
• Tell students to always refuse to go anywhere with people they don’t know.
• Tell students that they are not expected to help adults with directions or lost puppies. If a car stops and the driver attempts to ask for help, children should run away.
• In potentially dangerous situations, students should make lots of noise to alert neighbors, run to a safe place or find an adult they can trust.