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Mom explains why son shot at officer, apologizes

Posted at 4:53 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 18:35:49-05

The mother of a man accused of shooting at an Omaha police officer on November 18 has a message for his family.

A bullet just missed Officer Kenneth Fortune while he sat in his unmarked vehicle at 46th and Lafayette Ave the afternoon of Nov. 18.  Police say the officer saw Xavier Valentine, 18,who he knew to be a gang member, with a gun.  The officer was putting on his tactical vest when they say valentine fired.

Valentine was shot on October outside an apartment complex near 108th & Military Rd.

His mother says on Saturday he was scared he was being followed.

"My son did not know that was a cop he would not have shot at a cop car, he would've ran, but the cop was in an unmarked car," said Dashawnna Rose, Valentine's mother.

She wanted to apologize, and say she's thankful the officer didn't fire back.

"I posted an apology to the cop and his family because the situation could've been worse.  He had all the rights to get out and shoot my son down," Rose explained. "This is giving Xavier hopefully a chance to grow up a little and stay out of the situations that he's been involved in."

No one has been arrested in the shooting where Valentine is the victim.

His next court date is in December.  If convicted on all 4 felonies he faces 13-125 years in prison.