Mom wants to thank good samaritan who stopped...

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 19:26:46-05

We’ve all done it. 

“I wasn't really thinking about it, but I sat two twenties in front of me on the register,” said Abi Karbowski.

16-year-old Abi Karbowski placed $40 on the checkout counter.  While she was searching in her purse for more bills, an alleged thief noticed a crime of opportunity.

“I kind of felt their hand brush across my stomach and that was how close they got and how the money was like right in front of me,” said Karbowski.

Someone had snatched her cash.  When Abi turned around all she could see is a sea of shoppers.  Usually the story would end there.

“I was kind of like, okay cool, now that's gone,” said Karbowski. 

But a Good Samaritan saw the whole thing.

“A few minutes later some guy actually came up and he said some guy took this from you, but I got it back,” said Karbowski.

Abi was shocked someone made an effort to track down the thief and get her money back.

“They risked a lot to get that money back so that was really, really kind,” said Mercina Karbowski.

Abi’s mom Mercina was so impressed by the random act of kindness that she wrote a letter to the editor calling the mystery man “the hero who saved Christmas.”

“There really is no way to thank this person; we don't know who it was.  But, I thought it was very important that a good deed was acknowledged,” said Mercina Karbowski.

Even if the good deed seems small, Mercina says it made a big impact on her family.

“They reached out to my daughter and I hope they're blessed in return,” said Mercina Karbowski.