Mother accused of killing 2-month old son

Posted at 12:07 AM, Nov 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-19 01:07:36-05
An Omaha father is mourning after horrific accounts of how his ex-wife is accused of killing their two-month old baby in Texas. 
28-year-old Rochelle Brown just moved from Omaha to Houston a few weeks ago. Houston investigators describe her as "distraught".
Police found 2-month old Levi Thornton dead in his mother's apartment with stab wounds. Levi's father tells KMTV he beleives she did this to get back at him. 
"I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm hurt, confused," said Tyre Thornton-Smith.
A father trying to find the words to describe losing his 2-month old son, allegedly murdered by his ex wife. 
"I just felt like somebody just snatched my soul out of me," said Thornton-Smith. 
According to Houston prosecutors, Brown is accused of stabbing Levi to death in an apartment complex in southeast Houston. 
Browns' sister said the mom ran into her bedroom holding the baby in an "improper manner" and then tossed Levi on the bed. 
The mom then grabbed a knife, the sister tried to stop her but the knife broke. The mom got a second knife and managed to stab Levi repeatedly. When the attack was over the mom allegedly stood over Levi's dead body and screamed "I need Jesus'.
"After you took that life and you thought about it and you sitting up there blood all over your hands, your own flesh and blood of a newborn baby," said Thornton-Smtih. 
This horrific killing begs the question-why?
"Why did you kill this little baby, your little baby," said Levi's great-great grandma G.E. Thornon.
Some of Levi's family speculates the motive may be to get back at Tyre. They feel this was calculated since Rochelle and Tyre split last year. 
"I really feel that this was done to get after him because when she moved down to Texas, we didn't know she was leaving, she never brought the kids by where we could get a good bye," said G.E. Thornton. 
Thronton-Smith says there were cues before this incident that Brown had a temper.  "She did bust his lip, and his nose and then scratch junior up and bust his lip."
Right now the family is mourning and trying to figure out what to do now, with a message to Brown. 
"May God have mercy on your soul," said Thronton-Smith. 
The family said they would like to bring the body of Levi back to Omaha so they can be able to see the babyt have a proper memorial service. 
Tyre and Rochelle have another child together, a 3-year and a half year old, living with Rochelle's relatives in Houston. 
Brown will be in court on Thursday on a count of capital murder. 
The family has set up a You Caring page to raise money for the family to afford a proper funeral: