Mother hears son's heart in transplant patient

Posted at 5:16 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-02 00:02:04-04

It was a bittersweet reunion Friday at Nebraska Medicine as a mother got to hear her son's heartbeat again.

Levi Schulz, 18, died in a car crash in December 2012, but he chose to be an organ donor.

Friday, his mother met the man who received Levi's heart.

Terry Hooper was in need of a transplant after his heart started failing and Levi was a match.

After recovering, Hooper started writing the family leading to their first meeting Friday.

Levi's mom, Lisa, says her son always knew he wanted to help others.

"I said it's entirely up to you. I said your dad and I are donors, your siblings are donors, but it's entirely up to you, if this is something you want. And he looked at me, and he was leaning on the counter, and he says mom, ‘Who wouldn’t want my awesomeness?’" she recalled.

She also got a teddy bear that has a recording of Levi's heart beat in it.