Mother hears son's heartbeat four years after he died

Posted at 4:35 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 19:47:52-04

It was an emotional meeting Thursday evening.  Dawn Grace finally met the man who has her son’s heart.  She heard it beat for the first time in years.  On Friday afternoon Grace got an even better listen with a stereoscope. 

“Exactly four years ago today Joe gained life and Calen gained everlasting life,” said Dawn Grace.

In 2012, 14-year-old Calen Grace of Kentucky accidently shot himself with a gun he thought was broken.  He did not survive.

“We were asked to donate his organs and I was very angry,” said Grace.

Grace says he had no intention of donating her son’s organs, until he came to her in a vision. 

“He said momma what would I do? This is not about you,” said Grace.

Grace decided to donate and hundreds of miles away, Joe Hansen of Council Bluffs was given a second chance at life. 

“When I open my wallet he is the first thing I see and he and I chat often,” said Joe Hansen.

55-year-old Hansen and Calen have become one thanks to organ donation.

“Calen’s happy, yup Calen’s happy,” said Grace.
“I’m happy too, we are both happy together,” said Hansen. 

Hansen and Grace have corresponded for years, but never met.  Both sides needed time to heal.  They say finally meeting on the four year anniversary of the transplant was the perfect time.