Mother of boy hit by bus doesn't blame anyone for what happened

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - The mother of a young boy said Tuesday that she has forgiven all involved after an Omaha school bus hit and killed her 8-year-old son, who had just gotten off the bus Monday.

Haji Mohamed was in third grade at Springville Elementary School, according to his mother, Amina Khamis.

Monday afternoon, the boy was dropped off near his home at 23rd and Sprague streets. Police said as the bus started to drive west, on Sprague Street, Mohamed ran in front of it.  He was struck, and died at the hospital.

Haji's mother said he loved to play soccer with his brother, and always kept a smile on his face.

"I can't blame anyone, because if I blame someone, it's kind of like I need to set my son's soul free," Khamis said. "In order for him to go free is to let it go not to blame anyone; it's not his fault or the bus driver."

The boy's mother said when it happened, she was less than a block away helping her sister who recently had a baby; his older brother and younger sister were with Haji.

"Yes, they saw everything, and they can barely get over it," Khamis said.

Several Omaha Public School administrators and the superintendent visited Haji's family Tuesday morning.

Omaha Public Schools says 16 children got off at the same stop as Haji, 6 were still on the bus.

The Department of Education Transport Guide says when the bus makes a stop they activate the red warning lights and extend the arms.  The driver should then tell the children to stay at least 12 feet away when crossing in front of the bus.  It's unclear if all the children were far enough away from the bus or how long it was stopped for it to start moving again before Haji ran into the street.

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