Motorcycle helmet bill back in front of senators

Posted at 6:18 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 19:18:41-05

To mandate wearing a motorcycle helmet or not, that’s the question in front of senators in the transportation committee on Monday.

This particular bill allows riders to have to have the option to wear their helmet, those under 21 years of age are mandated to wear one.

Instead of a helmet, riders will have to wear eye protection instead.

Children under the age of 6 will not be allowed to ride on a motorcycle.

While the state faces a nearly 900-million dollar budget shortfall, some proponents of this bill say this would be one way to re-coup some of that money.

While this type of bill has been proposed in the past, Kearney Senator John Lowe hopes this year will be different.

Many proponents of this bill tout this is a freedom of choice issue wanting motorcycle riders to have the option to wear their helmets.

They also say it will be a windfall of money to the state—from motorcyclist stopping at rest areas and grabbing food because they say riders avoid the state because of the helmet law.

Others during testimony said the extra money isn’t worth the safety of saving lives.

The committee took no action on this bill as of Monday.

If approved, the full legislature should debate it in the coming months.