Motorcyclist in hospital after bad crash

Posted at 11:26 PM, Jun 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-15 00:36:47-04

A car and motorcycle collided at the intersection of 6th avenue and 24th street in Council Bluffs.

Council Bluffs Police said the man on the motorcycle was badly hurt with broken arm, compound fractures to his legs and because the man was not wearing a helmet, suffered from facial lacerations.

The intersection does not have a stop sign or yield sign warning motorists to look for another vehicles.

“It sounded like a bomb went off when they impacted,” said David Ruter who was just feet away from the intersection where the crash happened.

“It was just a straight impact-there was no stopping, no nothing,” said Ruter.

Ruter said he called 911, he was about to go out on his motorcycle until his wife stopped him.

“And we was about to go on the motorcycle and she's like put your bike away, it's a done deal,” said Ruter.

Council Bluffs police said the motorcycle was heading southbound on 24th Street and the Honda Civic was traveling westbound on 6th avenue when they collided in the intersection.

Ruter blames the intersection for this crash.

“It's like a raceway, and we yell at people to slow down all the time, I have kids that play in our yard,” said Ruter.

For drivers through the area, there are no signs to slow down or stop.

“This is an uncontrolled intersection, they present some unique challenges particular the person who is to the right, gets the right-a-way,” said Sergeant Darren Budd.

For Ruter, that uncertainly is just too much.

“Scares the hell out of me, it really does,” said Ruter.

Police are still investigating who was at fault, but believe alcohol or drugs are not a factor in the crash.

In the meantime the motorcyclist remains in the hospital with critical but non-life-threatening injuries.