Mounted patrol horse retires

Posted at 6:38 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 19:38:45-04

The Omaha Police Department is losing a coworker.

He's been with the force for several years, but is making an early departure.

Today officers held his going away party, but he's not the typical officer you’re thinking of.

The patrol officer is actually an 18 year old horse named Blaze.

Although Omaha police say he will definitely be missed, the call was made to keep him healthy.

This is one of the last times Officer Nathan Waller will be able to take his partner Blaze out of his stall.

Blaze has been at the Mounted Patrol Barn for 3 years.

He and Officer Waller have been working together since.

"It's going to be strange coming into the barn and him not being there."

Blaze is retiring because he has inflammation in his feet.

"If it's left untreated or if you continue to work him it can become worse and pretty severe."

They are celebrating his time in Omaha with cake because in a couple weeks Blaze is moving to Ohio.

"He's just going to be a pasture horse, he's going to live out his days relaxing, eating grass, playing and being a regular horse."

Officers say Blaze may have an idea his  time on the force is coming to an end.

"Usually he's got a little bit more spunk, but the last month or so he's been pretty laid back."

Soon Officer Waller will have a new partner and says he'll miss this special bond.

"You get to know your horse, your horse picks up on your attitude and how you are."

The inflammation in his foot is only in the beginning stages and  retiring him now, Officers say is better for his health in the future.