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Moxie Salon and Spa accepting packages to keep them safe from porch theft this holiday season

Posted: 10:20 PM, Nov 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-10 23:20:08-05

It's a common issue especially around the holiday season, package theft. In order to help lower the number of packages stolen, one local salon is offering more than hair services.

Moxie Salon and Spa owner, Tara Seng, has an offer for anyone in the community, have your holiday packages shipped to the salon, then come pick them up at your convenience. She said this offer is all about being a good neighbor.

It's been caught on camera over and over. Thieves taking packages right off front porches, especially around the holiday season. One local salon is aiming to eliminate those thefts. “We're here six days a week, open till 8, so I just thought why not,” said owner, Tara Seng.

Seng is offering a special holiday deal for anyone in the community. She is allowing people to have items shipped to her salon where she will hold onto them until they can be picked up. “This is something that doesn't take any of our time, it's just a matter of going back and finding the package,” she said.

The holidays are a time of giving and this is Tara’s way of doing just that. “Everybody would like something positive and this is our way of thinking ok this is what we can do,” said Seng. She says holding packages for those in the community means a lot to her, knowing she is keeping special gifts safe from porch pirates. “When there's that one gift that only comes out once a year and it gets stolen, that might be the one gift that child wanted,” said Seng, "even a Ring doorbell does not delete the thief taking the package it just helps them catch them later."

For now, Tara said the will only be accepting packages during the holiday season but she might expand the offer to other times of year depending on how this season goes.