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MUD board to vote on rate increases Wednesday

Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 04, 2023
  • The MUD board will vote on water and gas rate increases on Wednesday. The agenda says they'll support infrastructure projects and increased costs.
  • MUD says the average user would spend less on utilities despite the rate change, because the cost of natural gas has declined.
  • MUD projects are causing traffic to back up on 90th Street heading south to Center Road or north to Pacific Street.

Below is a transcript of the on-air broadcast:

90th Street, one of the busiest in Omaha is congested from Center to Pacific if you try to go the other way, which is still a fifth of a mile away. Some congestion is normal this time of day when school gets out, but its even worse lately because of two big MUD projects that have forced lane closures.

This week the board will vote on a rate hike that it hopes will pay for improved infrastructure.

For water, the utility is proposing an 8.5% increase for residential rates. For gas, a 2.5% increase.

MUD says reducing the amount of emergency and maintenance work is part of the goal of their infrastructure improvement projects.

Those infrastructure projects to replace aging distribution systems are part of the reason MUD says it is proposing the rate increases.

MUD lists other justifications for the increases, too, including the rising cost of operations… and for gas… debts on a loan for a new construction center.

However, overall it’s important to note MUD expects the average customer will save money in the end… because the price of natural gas is down. Paying just under 20 bucks a year more for water, but about $106 dollars less for gas.

You can see MUD projects across Omaha streets on this city of Omaha map. I found a road closure at 105th and Center, scheduled to end Tuesday after lasting 2 weeks.

As for at 90th and Center and Pacific, MUD says it’s using cameras to perform a water main inspection, with they hope will prevent future water main breaks.

MUD hopes to complete its gas infrastructure improvements by 2027. It's goal is to replace 25 miles of water mains each year by 2025, which should result in fewer water main breaks.

Near 90th and Center in Omaha, Aaron Hegarty, 3 News Now

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