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Mulholland Grocery store showcases next steps in rebuilding to bring hope to community

The store is set to reopen in 2023
Posted at 6:14 AM, Sep 30, 2022

MALVERN, Iowa. (KMTV) — Back in December, a fire followed by a storm destroyed the only grocery store in Malvern, Iowa, Mulholland Grocery. After months, the owner Tom Mulholland says they're making some progress.

"I was hoping it’d come sooner, there has been so many delays and it’s going to be at least another year because we’re going to need to get through the winter to even get started on things but things are happening and plans are being made," Mulholland said.

The site now has a banner over the fence showing the concept design and an announcement it will be reopening in 2023. The banner was put up as a way to give the community hope.

"Tomorrow is the homecoming parade so the banker had the idea to put this up, he paid for it," Mulholland said. "It’s to cover up the eyesore but to give people hope about what’s coming it’s. Important for the community In so many ways."

Mulholland is taking the opportunity to add some innovative new things to the grocery store, something that wasn't possible before.

"We want to make the building as nice as possible. One thing we’re looking at is possibly having a drive-thru that would go on the side of the lot through the alley onto the street and possibly a coffee shop in there," Mulholland said. "We’re looking at new ideas and things we didn’t have before because there were so many things that I couldn’t change about that 150-year-old building I had, but now we can make it the way we want and have the room that we need and the different possibilities."

Residents were excited to see the banner up as they express they've been missing a part of the community since the grocery store had to close.

"To be without the grocery store it’s really been a struggle and for us all we miss it terribly and w’ere anxious to have the store back," Barb Farmer, a resident of Malvern said.

While residents are excited, no one is more excited than Mulholland.

"I’ve been an emotional mess since this whole thing happened and I don't know what I’m going to feel like when that actually happens," he said.