'Nathan Hale is getting back on track'

Posted at 10:40 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 23:42:50-05

Nathan Hale Middle School has had fights at school and kids verbally abusing teachers this school year, but school administrators believe they are finally making progress.

“They have been working through some challenges with a small minority of students, they have had issues with students exerting an amount of aggression that is not acceptable and disrupts the school environment,” said Omaha Public Schools Communication Director, Monique Farmer.

She said the district has been working with the school to stop these issues.

“The district central office has been providing a great amount of support to the school including additional staff members and deans,” said Farmer.

Two weeks ago the school held a training session for the teachers to learn how to handle disruptive situations.

One of the focuses was technology, and the middle school now has a new tech lab and Farmer said about 100 new computers have been sent.

Parents were vocal with the district about the disruptive behavior the 6th grade students were causing, but in the past few weeks they said they've seen changes with the kids and how the school is handling the situation.

“They upped the security, I mean there is a lot of security in there now,” said Roxanne Lamb.

She said she hopes the added security can help with the aggression in the hallways and have some extra eyes, “to be watched more.”

Farmer said the added staff at the middle school will stay as long as administrators feel they need the extra help.

She also said the school is planning on having scheduled meetings with parents to keep communication open.