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National Young Republicans come to Omaha

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jul 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-26 23:10:46-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The National Young Republicans goes to a different city once every two years, but hasn't came to Omaha since Richard Nixon was president, in 1969. The leaders of the Young Republicans say its members can learn plenty from how Omaha and Nebraska are run.

"I think there's some principles in Nebraska that are working, we need that for the country,” says Congressman, Don Bacon.

More than 300 people, ages 18 to 40, cramped into a room at the old mattress factory, eating, drinking and talking conservative politics.

All with the hope that some of those in Omaha this weekend, eventually run for city council, governor and congress.

"Get them connected with elected officials, get them working with campaigns and eventually get them running for office themselves,” says Nebraska Chair, Spencer Head.

In fact, Congressman Don Bacon was once a Young Republican and says he defined his conservative principles as a member.

"So it's always been my desire to get involved, well this is the same kind of folks, and we need them to get involved. Our military defends our country but active citizens are even better,” says Bacon.

Rrepublican Governor Pete Ricketts says having the event in Omaha is a win-win-win.

He can arm them with conservative talking points, they contribute greatly to the Omaha economy and he hopes some love the city so much, they come back.

"So this is a prime audience for us to really talk about all the great things we've got going on in Omaha and so while they're here talking republican politics, hopefully we can also get a few of them to say, hey, I'm going to move to Omaha,” says Ricketts.

Many in attendance have never been to Nebraska before, some not even to the midwest and that's one reason leadership wanted to come to Omaha.

"That middle America is very successful, that there are a lot of great stories to tell that's not on the coast and I think Nebraska encapsulates that and Omaha being the heart of it was the natural fit for us,” says National Chair, Jason Emert.

They'll hear more from Nebraska politicians Saturday with US Senator Deb Fischer speaking to them on how to get more women to run and win elected office.