NDOR announces summer construction projects

Posted at 4:52 PM, Mar 31, 2017

Construction season in the metro is about to get into full gear as the Nebraska Department of Roads announced its lineup of projects for the summer.

The projects range from the I-80, 480 interchange, US-6 bridges, Elkhorn River West, Southeast Jct. US-275, Northbound US-75 Ramp to N-6, 126th Street interchange, Ralston viaduct, Snyder West, Platte River East, South Omaha Veterans Bridge. Bancroft-Dewey, 24th street, 13th street.

“For the most part I don’t think we have bottle-necked anybody, there will be concerns about delays because of traffic backed up, and restricted lanes,” said District 2 Engineer Timothy Weander.

Weander said many of the projects are clean up from the 1990’s when a different concrete mixture was used-and the wear and tear is showing, “We did have some problems with some of the pavements we used some of the concrete, they did experience a mixture.”

The total cost of the metro-area projects is $66,930 and come from a mix of federal and state funds. 

To look at the full list of construction projects, click here: