NDOR plows are out as winter weather hits the Metro

Posted at 10:29 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 23:29:53-05

State and city crews were working to keep the roads from freezing over as a round of winter weather rolled through Omaha.

There were dozens of accidents Friday afternoon after a snowy and icy mix fell over the Metro.

Nebraska Department of Roads had plows on the interstates and highways all day long to try and keep drives safe.

Driver Mike Gundersen said he’s been driving for NDOR for 17 years, and helps keep I-80 clear.

“Drivers just need to slow down and give us room to work so we can get them home safely,” said Gundersen.

Crews started to put down salt to try and keep the roads from freezing over.

Gundersen makes a loop long I-80 from Council Bluffs all the way to Highway 370, he said even though the plows are out, the roads are still slick.

“I tell family members, take your time it's not a race, let us put our salt down and you will get home safe, it's not a race.” 

As the sun went down the temperature dropped and as the lanes in the road became less visible, Gundersen dropped more salt.

NDOR trucks will stay out throughout the evening to make sure the roads stay clear.

“Same thing, just going through your route, treating it about 100lbs, 150lbs (of slat), and just keep an eye on the road and make sure it doesn't re-freeze,” said Gundersen.