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NE lawmakers expected to tackle car seats

Posted at 6:47 AM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 19:26:27-05

The unicameral is expected to look at updating child restraint laws.

State Sen. Robert Hilkemann introduced a bill to make child safety laws stronger. 

Under state law, children up to six years old are require to to sit in a car seat. However, LB 42 would increase the age to eight years old. As for rear-facing car seats, children up to two years of age would need to ride in them.

Under this amendment, children using car seats would need to sit in the backseat of the car.

Amy Borg is a mother who supports this bill, "We need to get these families educated because they want to protect their kids."

She makes sure her 7-year-old daughter Charlotte and 8-year-old son Rylan are safe in her vehicle. They both are in booster seats even though state law doesn't require it. 

"Kids are being flung forward, they are putting the belt behind their back, they are sticking it under their arm, so they have no upper body protection. So that head is going into that seat in front of them whereas if they have a booster seat that is fitting them properly where it should," said Borg. 

After the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee voted the bills to go on the floor for debate Feb. 21, the state lawmakers will take this bill up either Wednesday evening or  on Thursday.