Nebraska craft beer app launching soon

Posted at 11:02 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 00:48:35-04

Ten years ago, there were five craft breweries here in Omaha. But three have opened just this year alone. While the industry is booming, some believe the community needs to catch up — and that technology can help.

The developer of a new app is hoping to connect local and even national craft beer enthusiasts to one of the many craft breweries here in Omaha.

"The craft beer movement in the state is huge,” said Sean Maguire, co-founder of a new app called “Into the Pint Glass,” which aims to spread the word of breweries in Nebraska.

"We're really trying to help market Nebraska,” Maguire said. “You come for the College World Series, you come for some of these big events — Berkshire Hathaway — you drink what we have versus grabbing a Bud Light."

Farnam House Brewery is participating in the app.

"Just try everything,” said Phil Doerr, co-owner of the brewery. “We specialize in Belgium beers, and German lagers and sour beers, so we have a lot of different things that a lot of people probably haven't tried yet."

Doerr said there are so many great beers Nebraska has to offer, so anything to raise awareness is appreciated.

"The community is a bit behind some other areas in the country,” he said. “But we're definitely getting there and the quality is definitely on par with everyone in the country."

Into the Pint Glass was initially set to launch Friday, but it has been pushed back a few weeks.

"Just like craft beer, it takes time to create that good product," Macguire said.

He said he hopes the tech takes off and creates a community around craft beer.

"We just really want to get the voices heard of our brewers here in Nebraska and help get us to more of a national playing level," he said.

The app’s new launch date has been set for Sept. 29.