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Nebraska Humane Society has donor-sponsored adoptions for dogs, 136 pups need homes

The sponsorships keep costs down for adoptive families
Posted at 6:44 PM, Apr 14, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — The Nebraska Humane Society is full of dogs and it’s trying something new to find homes.

"If dogs are sitting here and waiting and waiting and waiting, for their forever home, they are getting more and more stressed, it's a scary place, it smells like 100 other dogs, it's barkey and loud, it's unfamiliar," said Pam Wiese from the NHS.

NHS is offering sponsored adoptions for most of its adult dogs. That means a donor would cover the adoption fee and adopters would only have to pay for licensing and a microchip transfer. Otherwise, the adoption process is the same.

"We are going to make sure that the dogs are going to fit into the household, because we don't want them back, clearly, and we also want to set them up for success and the people who want a dog, we want to set them up for success too," Wiese said.

The hope is some of the dogs that have been there for a longer than typical amount of time will now find homes.

“Our idea with this type of a shelter — brick and mortar — is you get ‘em in, you get ‘em healthy or into adoptable condition and then you get them out because this isn't built for long-term housing,” Wiese said.

Freeing up space, would give the shelter more room to breathe.

"If we have 50 dogs available for adoption, in our public facing kennels, often times we might have one or two in the back because they are scared and and want to be in the back, or a couple in foster care, that's probably a good number for us to have, available for adoption," Wiese said.

One hundred and thirty-six dogs are available for adoption, with only 50 public-facing kennels.

Two or three years ago, Wiese says 75 adoptable dogs would have been considered a lot.

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