Nebraska Humane Society raises money to fix dryer

Posted at 1:06 PM, Aug 16, 2017

Known for being the place where you could find a special addition for your family, Nebraska Humane Society typically asks people to improve homes for lovable cats and dogs.

But, right now – it’s requesting a different kind of help: getting caught up with its laundry.

"A couple of weeks ago, one of our commercial dryers kicked the bucket," says Pam Wiese, spokesperson of the humane society.

"When you have 400-plus animals inside a shelter and you want to keep the kennels clean and everything nice and clean smelling for the people coming to adopt – you want to make sure you change up laundry every now and then.”

On social media, NHS announced it's looking to raise money for repairs, about $8,000. At last check, the shelter shared its received monetary donations exceeding the halfway mark.

But, Wiese says NHW wouldn’t mind replacing it with a new one, costing about $14,000.

With laundry in constant rotation, the downed-dryer is creating sitting piles of blankets, towels and toys.

A lot of the comforters are used as doggie beds, while towels are needed for housecleaning, drying animals and surgical procedures.

People have offered to take a dirty load home to help us out, Wiese says, but we’ve

Passed on those offers and are grateful so many want to help.