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Nebraska Humane Society reuniting dogs lost on the fourth with their owners

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 19:10:14-04

While fireworks may be enjoyable for people during the fourth of July, they're often not enjoyable for pets. The Nebraska Humane Society says it ends up with a number of pets who run off because they get scared by the noise. 

Every day at noon, the Nebraska Humane Society's reclaim center opens. But the day after the fourth of July tends to be busier than normal -- with owners like Brett Kjar looking for dogs that ran off after being spooked by fireworks. "Normally fireworks don't bother them a ton, but for whatever reason I left the house for a short period that night and she must have just gotten scared,” said Kjar. It's something Pam Wiese, spokesperson for the Nebraska Humane Society says she sees often. "Most dogs try to run away from fireworks because they are scary, and they start running and all the sudden they look up and go oh ok I don't know where I am, I’m lost,” says Wiese.

Most of the dogs that get out on the fourth are picked up by animal control or brought in by people on the street. So, the humane society says owners should stop by and check each kennel for their missing pet. "The best identifier of a dog would be the owner of the dog itself,” said Wiese.

Which Kjar is grateful he did. "As of this morning still hadn't heard anything so was getting fairly concerned, until I was able to come walk the kennel here and find her,” said Kjar. In the end...a joyful reunion all around. "Very happy that I found her, I was really concerned overnight and so was her mom,” said Kjar.