Nebraska Medicine announces lung transplant...

Posted at 6:03 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-24 19:03:55-05

After nearly two decades, Nebraska Medicine is bringing back its lung transplant program. 

“I’ve been with these doctors, nurses and this staff for my entire life,” said Brent Allsman.

For the past 28 years Nebraska Medicine has been Allsman’s second home.  But a few weeks ago, he almost had to leave home. 

"People travel all over the country to find the right transplanting institution for them,” said Dr. Heather Strah.

Allsman was about to go to Minneapolis for a lung transplant evaluation when he received word that Nebraska Medicine was launching a lung transplant program. 

“Being able to continue to stay here with these same people, it's hugely beneficial,” said Allsman.

The news is not only major for Allsman, but for other Nebraskans needing a lung transplant. 

“Those people now have the opportunity to be evaluated here and potentially be transplanted close to home where their family is available to support them,” said Dr. Strah.

Andrea Mayberry knows how important it is to stay close to home for a lung transplant.

“Being close to family and kind of still having a normal routine is very important to help you emotionally and physically with the transplant process,” said Mayberry.

Mayberry received her transplant 19-years-ago at Nebraska Medicine before the hospital’s old lung transplant program ended in 1998.

“I kept asking my doctor when is it starting, when is it starting again,” said Mayberry.

Years later Mayberry gets her wish and the lung transplant program is finally back at Nebraska Medicine. 

“I’m excited that they're back to it and I hope they have good things coming, I know they do,” said Mayberry.

Mayberry is not only a Nebraska Medicine transplant patient, but she is a current Nebraska Med employee.