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Nebraska Wienery offers a gourmet twist on a baseball classic

Posted: 10:24 PM, Jun 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-23 23:24:39-04

Saturday’s College World Series game offered another chance for businesses around TD Ameritrade Park to make sales. And one business was hoping to cash in.

It's a classic combination, baseball and hot dogs. But this stand offers this classic in a gourmet way, and they have been for three years. The College World Series is an experience, and the games are just a part of the fun. "Something that was funny, it was playful, that would kinda grab people's attention,” said Scott Gordon, the co-owner of Nebraska Wienery. Don't let the name fool you -- Nebraska Wienery offers a gourmet experience. "It's kind of a labor of love it takes about 2 hours to cook a brat or a dog around here but we wanna make sure that the people have the best,” said Gordon.

This stand has been in the baseball village for the past three years, and owners plan to be here for many more to come. They offer hot dogs and brats, both with a wide range of flavor options. "The whole premise is we wanna have the best bratwurst and the best hot dogs so it's gotta be fresh,” said Gordon.

To top it off, there are the classics like mustard and ketchup, but the serrano pickle relish is a top pick.

"It's incredible the amount of relish we go through, I mean we go through gallons, people just pour it on their dog,” said Gordon.

All the products come from around the state. "They order one hot dog, go to their table and then come back and say, somebody ate my hot dog I need two more,” said Gordon. On average they sell about 500 hot dogs a day. "We kinda don't even count anymore, we just throw them on the grill and roll,” said Gordon.

Owners say their service is all about offering fans a familiar experience. "To have a place to hang out with all our friends and family like a little tail gate spot of our own and just meet as many people as we can." The wienery will be in the baseball village for the rest of this College World Series season. And the owners say hopefully many more to come. The next game of the series will be played on Monday at 6 PM.