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Nebraskan political parties push vote for midterm elections

Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-24 08:19:33-04

Tuesday marks two weeks until the mid-term elections and both political parties are trying to rally their bases in Omaha.

Democrats focused on voter turnout in North Omaha while Republicans were in southwest Omaha, showing unity as voters at both events were able to meet their candidates.

At the Democratic candidate rally, the Party brought out former key politicians, like former Sen. Bob Kerrey and Ben Nelson, who encouraged people to vote and vote Democratic. 

"It is a right to do it. That's why you do it. You do those things that are the best for our country and voting is one of those things that's best for our democracy," said Nelson. 

Among those in attendance were Jane Raybould, Kara Eastman, Jessica McClure, Paul Theobald, Bob Krist, Lynne Walz, Spencer Danner and Jane Skinner, as well as other local candidates.

"There's a lot of enthusiasm in that room," said Nelson. "It's probably one of the biggest elections of our lifetime."

Douglas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Tucker said his Republican event was a Soup Supper event, allowing voters to meet fellow Republicans and their candidates.

Incumbent Congressman Don Bacon was in attendance. 

Both parties say their focus for the next two weeks is to push the vote.