Nebraskans For Founders Values meet days...

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jan 17, 2016

There is outrage about a proposal within Nebraska's largest school district to overhaul its human growth curriculum. Some parents and big groups say the new education plan isn't good for students while supporters say the curriculum is desperately in need of an upgrade.

Nebraskans For Founders Values led a meeting Sunday afternoon trying to get the point across that Omaha Public Schools does not need to teach kids about the birds and the bees and that should be left up to the parents.

"I believe if the draft is passed, Omaha students will be in danger," said New York doctor Miriam Grossman speaking at the event.

Grossman lectured to a few dozen people about why she believes this OPS sex-ed proposal is hurtful to students, "They will lack critical information that they need to preserve their health, their emotional well-being, their fertility and yes even their lives".

The OPS proposal outlines emergency contraception, abortion, LGBTQ issues and recent scientific information on STIs.

But many of the people attending the event on Sunday were not parents of students attending OPS but concerned Nebraskans.

Teresa Kenney attended the meeting, has 8 children and has a definitive stance on sex-ed in OPS schools, but her kids all go to private schools.

"We have more say in what our children are taught especially in the area of sexuality, it was a big factor for me--that I would be able to teach my own children what I believe is the truth about human sexuality," said Kenney.

Gwen Easter doesn't have any children in the OPS system but is against this sex-ed proposal.

"I feel that Omaha public schools need to focus on reading writing and help our kids who have learning disabilities like dyslexia," said Easter.

Alberto Fontseca has a 3-year-old who he says will not grow up in OPS but is curious about what this school system might teach, "We want to know what they are talking about you know-we want to make sure it's not against what we think."

OPS has received a lot of comments on this curriculum proposal and have heard from actual parents about their concerns.

The group Nebraskans For Founders Vales have gone to every OPS board meeting and has been very focal about this curriculum proposal.

There is an opt-out parents can elect for their children. 

The board is expected to vote on this sex-ed proposal on Wednesday.