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Nebraskans in need encouraged to apply for Emergency Rental Assistance

Posted at 10:27 AM, Apr 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-07 11:28:02-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — When the stimulus package passed in January, the state of Nebraska received roughly $200 million through the Emergency Rental Assistance program. Now, that money is being divided up and sent to people impacted directly by the pandemic.

Now, that money is being divided up and sent to people impacted directly by the pandemic.

$1.6 million has already been requested by Nebraska residents, according to Shannon Harner with Nebraska Investment Finance Authority.

Harner encourages Nebraskans in need to apply as there is more money available.

"I would like to remind tenants to really maximize the available assistance. There are three ways to maximize the benefits from the American Rescue Act Plan of 2021 for your family and these include using your stimulus payments for your current need, not for your old debts. Using rent and utility assistance for exactly that. Your back rent, utilities and future rent and to apply for the child tax credit which can provide real money in your bank account today,” said Harner.

Harner said some residents and landlords have already received their check for rent and added the state is also helping some with utilities.

Five hundred sixty-six residents have already successfully applied for the assistance while 238 are currently awaiting approval and 4,399 residents have started registration on the state's application site.

Harner said they will take applicants through august 2021 and will help people with back pay as far back as April of 2020.

She added applying for assistance does take communication between landlord and tenant.

"A tenant must be living in the apartment in which assistance is requested. This is an important point. We've had some questions about it. A landlord who already evicted a tenant or a tenant who’s already moved on cannot ask for assistance for that back rent,” said Harner.

A tenant will need the following to apply: copy of a lease, proof household income is less than 80% of that area median income for your county and proof of financial impact due to COVID-19.

Harner added having all the paperwork together makes the application process much easier.

Visit this website for more on how to apply.

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