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Nebraska's 3B Homestead celebrates the Nativity story in a farm-fresh way

"The Living Nativity" celebrates with livestock
Posted at 6:41 PM, Dec 24, 2021

MURDOCK, Neb. (KMTV) — Christmastime is always synonymous with a Nativity scene - but one couple in Murdock is making an effort to tell the story in a fresh "Nebraska" way.

At 3B Homestead, the Nativity is divided into different presentation pens with an animal in each pen.

"The drive-thru has different stations where you stop and listen to the podcast about the animals, you hear the story of Luke through the animals," Sondra Buell said.

Sondra and her husband, Mark Buell, have backgrounds as educators and were inspired by their faith to retell the story of Jesus Christ.

"The Christian story was in the manger. I've always wondered what else would be around the manger, as my wife and I were talking one day," Mark said.

Mark has a background working in agriculture education and is inspired to use the natural world to narrate the birth of Jesus.

"We know that Luke 2 tells us about the story of sheep being in there, indeed the feed trough we have here represents the Manger where Christ was laid, wonderful setting. So these animals had to be around that barn, that stable. This is a modern-day version of it because his story continues to tell and move on from there," Mark said.

On five acres of land, the Buells have about 100 animals. Both Mark and Sondra are people of faith, so they wanted families to see the Nativity in a different light.

"I make a little conversation booklet for the parents. I think it's so important for adults to have conversations with their children. The little booklet that I wrote points out different things they saw here," Sondra said.

"I hope they have a sense of their own family, someone addressed it in the way they could come and talk about the heritage of their own family there as well, we do not try to present this as the way or the only way or ours is the way it should be presented," Mark said.

Devoted to their farm, both draw upon caring for animals, the same way they tell the story of Christmas.

"It's an extension of our family and it's a greater family for the community," Mark said.

The Nativity will be open on Christmas Day and is free of charge.

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