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Neighbors concerned about car break-ins

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 18:56:59-05

A troubling trend continues in Papillion as 3 News Now first told you about a bunch of overnight car break-ins at 72nd and Cedardale Road, last week.

Thieves took items out of several vehicles and Papillion Police are looking for any leads.

But neighbors tell 3 News Now this crime is not the norm in their normally quiet neighborhood.

“I didn't realize the extent until afterwards,” said Ron Mahoney who wasn’t a victim but saw how many of his neighbors had their items stolen.

“It disturbs them just as me too,” said Mahoney.

Now Mahoney double-checks and make sure his vehicles are locked up before calling it a night, “Just that extra security-walking around making sure anything of value is not in plain eye sight.”

Papillion Police urge residents to follow the 9 p.m. routine.

“Every 9 p.m. right before they go to bed they just walk out to their car, make sure the car is locked up there's no valuables in plain sight and then make sure all their doors are closed and locked,” said Papillion Police Chief Scott Lyons.

But according to Lyons this is an uptick they see around this time of year annually and the statistics are about average compared to years past.

“We do have an increase in theft from autos around spring time but they also increase if not double as we approach the holidays that's because criminals and thieves are looking for cash, currency but sometimes they are looking for wrapped presents sometimes they get appliances,” said Lyons.

It's a crime that has neighbors on alert and frustrated about this crime of opportunity.

“It's kind of low-hanging fruit I suppose with the uptick. Maybe it is desperation,” said Mahoney.

Lyons also wants citizens to file a police report and not to just post it onto social media if they did get any items stolen.

Some other tips are to never leave your vehicle running with unlocked doors especially valuables in plain view. Keep your doors and home locked at all times.