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Neighbors fear icy walkways will injure disabled residents

Posted at 6:29 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 20:09:28-05

With more snow and ice possible in the coming days, a veteran with disabilities and his wife are concerned about their safety.

Terisa and Roderick Burdorf said their landlord has not cleared the snow and ice from their steps at 46th and California streets, and that has made getting around difficult.

The couple said they have had issue after issue that the landlords refuse to fix, the most recent being an icy staircase the wife insists could injure her husband.

"Hi you have reached Bobi Rockwell at CBRE. I'm sorry I can't take your call right now," a voice mail recording states.

"It feels like, 'Why did we even try? We should have just stayed (living) in our van,' " Terisa Burdorf said.

According to property owner CBRE MEGA, "our fulltime maintenance man is on the property two to three times per week and has no reports of complaints or request concerning snow or ice removal."

A CBRE MEGA spokesperson said the company encourages any tenants with maintenance requests to set up an account on their online portal, and that it hasn't received any requests from the Burdorfs.

"The last voice message we have from Terisa Burdorf was at 2:59pm on Dec. 18th, 2017, on a matter unrelated to snow or ice removal," CBRE MEGA said in its statement. 

The Burdorfs said they are at their wits' end after living in an apartment they now call unsanitary and unlivable.

"We have been struggling to get the landlord to take care of things around here," she said.

From troubles with sufficient heat to a leaking bathtub, Terisa said this icy walkway is the latest issue.

"They are not shoveling the walks and the sidewalks," she said.

Her husband, Roderick, suffers from PTSD, walks with a cane, and is in and out of the hospital.

"It scares me that one day he is going to fall and maybe not be able to get back up," Terisa said.

She said her husband isn't the only veteran in the complex.

"People should come out and do this," Richard Snider said about getting the snow and ice removed. "It does help, especially for us cripple people. Walking in this snow and ice, try to be very careful and almost slip and slide."

Terisa said she feels disrespected.

"We are just at out wit's end, we don't know what to do," Burdorf said.

CBRE MEGA said the walkways have now been cleared.