Neighbors mixed on latest Crossroads update

Posted at 4:26 PM, Aug 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 18:12:45-04

Neighbors who live near 72nd and Dodge streets have mixed reviews on the lastest development in the Crossroads Mall saga.

Earlier this week, the city sent a letter to the developer, pulling the incentives package proposal involving tax increment financing, or public money, for infrastructure-related parts of the project.

Some neighbors just north of the mall didn't think the new proposal - including a 2 million square-foot mixed use space with housing, office and retail options - fit the neighborhood to begin with.

Others, like Marty Hosking, were excited for new businesses a short walk away. But, most everyone agrees something should be done.

"I just see so much potential here that i am disappointed in how slow that's going," Hosking said. "I see what looks to be a lot of ancillary development around this that's been happening recently. Restaurants, chains, and things coming here, probably in anticipation of it."

Hosking bought a house on Cass Street a few years ago, anticipating redevelopment in the area. He says some has happened, but to the west of his home - Crossroads Mall sits to the east.

gary schadde (shad-ee)  lives nearby. He says while crossroads does have what he needs, including a Target, Sears and bookstore, he does want the property to flourish like other spots in the city.

"As of right now, it doesn't really bother me," Schadde said. "With Crossroads, it'd be nice to see it develop. Become something a part of the community."