Neighbors of the Daltons react to their death

OMAHA, NEB (KMTV) - A neighborhood near 37th and Spaulding became a crime scene Tuesday night when police found John Dalton Senior, Jean Dalton and Leonna Dalton Phillip dead inside their home.
"I got home and got out of the car, I was walking and I noticed they had they tape from the stop light to the tree in my yard."
This neighbor who did not want to be identified lives a few doors down from the Dalton's and knew their children.
"Wow I was shocked, I didn't know the older brother, but I knew the sisters when they were younger."
The Dalton's family members are grieving on social media, also expressing their relief now that the 46 year old is in custody.
"They got him, I am glad they have him in custody, all I can do is cry, but I feel safe now that he can't hurt us anymore."
Neighbors say the victims were good people who didn't deserve this.
"They were good people, they mind they own business."
Although this unfortunate tragedy happened, the Dalton's neighbor says he does not believe this is a  bad neighborhood.
"This is usually a quiet neighborhood, nothing happens all kinds of different people walk through the neighborhood it's not a bad neighborhood at all."

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