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Neighbors report big cat sighting near Highway 36 and 60th

Posted at 5:36 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 19:32:28-05

A neighborhood near Highway 36 and 60th is abuzz today after a game camera positioned in a neighborhood yard caught evidence of an unexpected visitor. 

Now - the neighbors are looking out for a prowler of the four-legged kind. 

Raven Oaks is a quiet neighborhood off Highway 36; where the city meets the wild.

"Coyotes and foxes, basically everything you'd find in Nebraska is in this neighborhood," said John Lambert, neighbor.   

While brushes with the untamed are not unusual, people over the weekend report a somewhat unexpected encounter. It's the making of a neighborhood legend. 

"We have a neighborhood email message board and it was kind of the news over the weekend," said Lambert. 

A game camera overlooking a yard along 60th and Mckinley caught a big cat creeping.

"Well, I saw it on Facebook and it looked like a bobcat to me," said Ron Sides, neighbor. 

While neighbors say they see it all - from turkeys to wild boar - the feline sighting is a first. 

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission says bobcats aren't unusual in rural areas like Raven Oaks. 

"Lynx are not present in Nebraska. We've had a couple records of a lynx moving into Nebraska from a release in southwestern Colorado but they're not typically sound in our state," said Sam Wilson, an expert with Nebraska Games and Parks Commission. 

However, bobcats are common. 

But regardless of what kind of big cat was caught on camera, these neighbors say they're on alert. It's an all-out wild cat watch. 

"I haven't seen it personally. But we are on the lookout that's for sure," said Lambert.

Game and Parks says they haven't gotten any calls about big cat sightings recently. They say big cats aren't typically a threat to pets but do add coyotes may pose a danger.